Hello, my name is *Roberto.   I was born in a remote village in CENTRAL AMERICA  with a condition known as a bilateral cleft palate  and lip.  I also  was born with a slight heart murmur.

Because of my heart murmur and needing "controlled conditions" to operate on my cleft problems, the Plastic Surgeon and INTERNATIONAL  CHILDREN'S MEDICAL FOUNDATION (ICMF) did not   want to take any chances on my  life and felt it was best to be  "safe than sorry" so they brought me to the U.S. when I was just a  few weeks old.   My Plastic Surgeon is WONDERFUL.   He has  made many trips to CENTRAL AMERICA as a volunteer with the PROJECT INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL MISSIONS.  INTERNATIONAL  CHILDREN'S MEDICAL FOUNDATION will be eternally grateful for all he has done!   He and I have spent a lot of time together as he  performed  FOUR surgeries on me, the first to repair my lip, two to repair my  palate and one to lengthen my nose.   He still has more  work to do on me.  I have also met some wonderful people  at the hospital  where the Plastic Surgeon performed the aforementioned surgeries.  The hospital was gracious enough to donate their facilities,  thereby assisting me on my road to a normal life.  The hospital's  administrative personnel and staff have been wonderful!   The picture on  the left shows  how I looked when I was born.   Don't I look GOOD today!
I was also fortunate enough to meet a Pediatric Cardiologist who has  been closely monitoring my heart condition.   All has progressed  smoothly. 


The doctors have also discovered that I am totally deaf.  I was fitted with hearing aids which did not work.  I am a cochlear inplant patient.   I am currently enrolled in a school for the deaf and learning how  to sign in my native language, which is Spanish, so my  parents, brothers and sisters  and I can communicate with each other  when I return home.

I can honestly say that without the INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S MEDICAL  FOUNDATION I would not have the future that now awaits me.   For  that  my parents, brothers, sisters and extended family down in Central America  are so VERY grateful.

Did you meet my new friend, *Tony?  He visits me in my Host Family's home.   We both THANK YOU in advance for doing all YOU can to "Partner" with and  help support INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S MEDICAL FOUNDATION so they  can help all of my other "brothers and sisters"  of the world that needs medical care.  

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