JOSE:  Unspeakable Life - Unspeakable Tragedy - Indescribable MIRACLES!

Yet Another Uspeakable Tragedy

We Now Can Only Ask Our Creator For More Miracles ~ 

Although Jose's biological, single mom worked hard, doing all she could to feed and support her eight children, the meager wages she earned were just not enough.  At a young age Jose became a child of the street. 

Along with stealing, going to funerals, pretending he knew the deceased just to get a good meal was soon to be a way of life for Jose.  Hunger often drove him to catch snakes and roast them over an open fire in the cemetary where, having knocked out a 'doorway' in the side of an above ground cement block tomb, he would retreat inside for dry shelter, as a hiding place from the police who were constantly chasing him, and, because he slept there more than he did at his mother's house; it became his home.    Jose would also scour the local dump for some rather "tasty" morsels.  

At the age of 6 years old Jose found his acceptance and personal identity when he joined an infamous gang, the "Bloods" that had infiltrated their identity in Jose's yet developing country.  Havoc and destruction reigned as the "Bloods" and "Crips" were continually at war with each other, local residents and anyone else who crossed their paths!   Blood shed and murder very quickly became Jose's way of life. 

This all ended when Jose was 11 years old.  Jose fell out of a tree, stealing fruit to eat.  Jose's spinal cord was totally severed, rendering him a paraplegia from his armpits downward, with no bladder or bowel function.



 Two surgical rods, seen above, were placed side by side to repair Jose's severed spinal cord. 



Another view of Jose's repaired spinal cord. This is a cropped out, close up view of the severed spinal cord. 



The first 11 years of Jose's life molded a child whose behavior was not just incorrigible . . . it was diabolical evil! Doctor's determined, because of his lack of co-operation, Jose was not a candidate for RGO's: full body bracing.

However, Jose had now been legally adopted by Ms. Ruha'mah, Dir. ICMF who had other ideas! Jose was relocated into Ms. Ruha'mahs home where a rigid set of disciplinary rules and hours of daily physical therapy were implimented. During physical therapy Biblical teaching, praise and worship tapes were played. A hair mineral analysis test was done and Jose was faithfully given the supplements his body was lacking along with magnetic and acupuncture therapy.

Jose's physical improvement was nothing short of miraculous, starting with the restoration of his bladder and bowels. Learning to wearing his RGO was not an option. Soon Jose had mastered mobility and had even learned to step from a street to a sidewalk curb.



Jose in his full body bracing: RGO's



Jose's next advancement was out of his RGO's and into only the use of leg  bracing and Loftstrand (arm band) crutches.



Jose goes to his first banquet!



Now mobile with the aid of leg bracing and arm band crutches Jose boards a bus for the first time in his life . . . going to his first JOB!

Jose learned to clean house: vacuum, plan and cook full course meals by himself (excellent cook!) and do his own laundry. Jose had not sat in his wheelchair in almost six years! Prayers, discipline and hard work had provided miraculous results, not only physically, but especially spiritually. After 12 long years the evil spirits that had controlled Jose were GONE! Jose was now sweet, kind, honest and loving. Jose was now truly ready for independant living.

An apartment complex was located that would meet Jose's needs, on a bus line, lower level entry, etc. At the time of query the apt. manager promised an apartment that would meet Jose's needs if a temporary, second floor unit that necessitated climbing 15 steps, would be accepted "for a week or two" while the handicap apt. was being renovated. Someone would be temporarily staying with Jose. The temporary unit was accepted.

Unfortunately, upon completion of the renovation, management rented the promised handicap accessible unit to someone else that was 'not' handicapped. Reason given: "policy change - on property tenants are no longer relocated" and, in response to protest that Jose was handicapped, management stated, "we have no responsibility toward the handicapped except to allow, upon application and office approval, the installation of bathtub and toilet safety railings."

Meanwhile, Jose fell on the apartment stairs, landing on the edge of the cement stairs, on his left hip, which, per the hospital operative report dated 11/29/07, "the hip was chronically dislocated superiorly." In a desperate attempt to avoid leg amputation Jose underwent five major surgeries on his left hip. Miraculously his leg was saved and Jose was released from the hospital in February, 2008. The following images of Jose's x-rays shows the permanent damage.







 Jose is now relegated to a power wheelchair for the rest of his natural life.

Words are inadequate to describe the emotional pain, suffering and mental anguish that Jose and all those close to him and involved in this latest tragedy have suffered!  Meanwhile we can only ask Our Creator for yet another miracle!