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INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S MEDICAL FOUNDATION (ICMF) is a 501c3, non-profit organization that brings children from "yet developing" countries of the world  to    the U.S.  that are in need of specialized medical treatment; i.e. heart patients, orthopedic, hydrocephaelic, spina bifida,  etc.   We need VOLUNTEER HOST FAMILIES in areas where our children are medically treated.   Once we have a committed host family on file, we (then) apply to that local area hospital with a child's case.   So, if you are interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER HOST FAMILY, please get   your name in our files as soon as possible.

The responsibility of a VOLUNTEER HOST FAMILY is to take the medically needy child into their home as part of   the family on a TEMPORARY  basis.   NONE OF THESE CHILDREN ARE UP FOR ADOPTION.  ALL will return to their loving families in the country of their birth.  There is no monetary benefit. We look at this endeavor as a foreign missions outreach right in your own home.  The medical care is taken care of.  ICMF will take care of all surgery schedules.   A VOLUNTEER HOST FAMILY would be responsible for taking the child to all pre/post surgical medical appointments and provide for their food and clothing.  The average stay of a child is from three to six months, depending upon the individuality of each case. The above Downloadable PDF form should be filled out and mailed to: 

International Children's Medical Foundation
PO Box 770795
New Orleans, LA

An ICMF  staff volunteer is available for speaking engagements and make a slide show presentation to any interested Civic or Church group; sharing in depth about  this work.

For more information please e-mail us:

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