Carlita had just six weeks to live without surgery. Seen in these images is the "mother" of this rare tumor. Numerous "squeezing tenticles" grew out from the "mother" and wrapped themselves, like vine weeds, around blood vessels, nerves, etc.




The doctor's that performed Carlita's surgery said they'd seen this type of tumor before, but never one this huge.

The surgeon give a very grim prognosis. They would get as much of the tumor as possible, however, because of the deep tenticles it was certain that the tumor would grow back.

Carlita had already lost the use of her right hand and arm. Her right leg was beginning to be affected too. The doctor's were rather certain Carlita would never be able to move her right arm after surgery and also warned of the strong possibility that she lose all control of her right leg as well.

We knew, specifically, what we needed to be praying for! A prayer team was gathered in the hospital waiting room as Carlita's surgery went forth.

After surgery an overjoyed surgeon came and give us the following report:

* When they snipped each and every tenticle from the "mother" it mysteriously released itself, coiling back like a spring. They were then able to remove it.

* The first thing baby Carlita did in the recovery room was move the fingers on her right hand!

* The next thing baby Carlita did in the recovery room was kick her right leg!

* The doctor explained they had to open Carlita up much more than anticipated, therefore, she would always carry a glaring "reminder" of her surgery: a massive scar that ran from her chest, over her right shoulder, down and across to her spinal cord.



Two weeks after surgery Carlita now smiles!  

And our Prayer Team began asking God to use His 'eraser' on that surgical scar.  



Tumor has never returned.

One year later the scar had almost totally vanished!


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