Hi my name is  *Tony  and I am here to tell you a little bit about an organization that means a lot to me, the International Children's Medical Foundation (ICMF).

Founded by  Ms. Ruha'mah Stadtlander,   ICMF is an International Public Charity, an all volunteer, non-profit (501-c-3), free standing, educational and consulting organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and well-being of the citizens of "yet developing" countries around the world.

The International Children's Medical Foundation  brings children to the United States for medical care that cannot be obtained in their home countries. The children we help are afflicted with maladies such as heart, orthopedic, spina bifida, and hydrocephalic, etc. Though a small organization, in 1993 four children were brought to the U.S. for medical care.  In 1994 word had spread and we began receiving cries for help from parents all around the world.  We expanded our borders and began seeking help for children outside of the U.S.  That year eleven children received life saving medical care.   By 1995 the number rose to sixteen.  Each subsequent year the number has grown!

All medical care rendered in the U.S.  is done at no cost to the U.S. taxpayer. 

ICMF lso organizes volunteer specilized medical teams (i.e., Plastic Surgeons) that travel to various countries multiple times a year performing craniofacial reconstruction, specializing in cleft palate/lip cases, operating on both children and adults.  ICMF operates on the good will of volunteer doctors, nurses, office staff and donations in the area of grants, private finances, equipment and various  Partner Fund Raising Projects

ICMF provides assistance FREE of charge to all patients without reference to ethnic,  political or religious associations.  Won't you please help ICMF "Make a Difference ~ Give Hope" in the lives of the medically needy children of our world?


Be "sure"  and visit our online fund raising stores:  Agape Treasures   as well as our eBay fund raising store:

All proceeds are secure direct deposit contriubtions to International Children's Medical Foundation and will  be "solely"   used to 'Make A Difference ~ Give Hope' to a medically challenged child.  No one receives a salary at ICMF; everyone is a deeply appreciated and gracious volunteer.   

ICMF is currently in the midst of a  Partner Fund Raising Project  to meet our ongoing financial needs for the next fiscal year. ICMF, like so many of our neighbors in the Gulf Coast suffered greatly as a result of Hurricane Katrina. And, like so many others, ICMF is still in recovery.

Ongoing project funds are most urgently needed for a new U.S. office as well as handicap accessible remodeling of a recently acquired residential facility.

ICMF has plans to build clinics abroad, together with operating rooms and quarters for medically handicapped children needing 24 hour care.  These facilities would be located, where needed, in various "yet developing" countries of our world. 

ICMF  is in need of Doctors, Nurses and Anesthetists and  U.S. Host Families.  Please take time to read the  Doctors - Nurses Information which has detailed information.   The  Project International Participation Agreement  file should be printed, filled out, signed by an interested participant and mailed to our U.S. office.


Our needs dictate that we acquire another U.S. based Office as well as a Residential Facility.  Due to the fact that many of our children come from tropical regions we are hoping to acquire this facility in one of the southern regions of the U.S.  This facility will used as a future "transient house" for children coming into the U.S. who need a temporary place to stay while on their way to other parts of the U.S. to receive their medical attention.   The facility will also be used to house those children who need to  stay in the U.S. for an extended period of time during recuperation and/or special therapy prior to returning to their home country.  ICMFwill staff this facility with  Live-In Staff Volunteers to care for our children. Perhaps "you" know of someone that is in the position to donate, in whole or in part, such a facility and would be willing to take their donation off as a tax exemption.


We urgently need volunteer(s) to make a mini advertising video for ICMF.   We are also in need of a slide projector, (2) new laptops w/4 in one fax/copy/printer scanner machines, and a wheel chair lift van.

Donate with any major credit card through PayPal!  It's SECURE, FAST and FREE! 





* To protect and honor the privacy of our children and their families, the child's true name and country of birth is not used on the internet.


PO Box 770795

New Orleans, LA (70117)

Phone: 504/298-4221



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